Contact Lenses

Our office stocks a large inventory of diagnostic lenses and can fit most patients the same day as their visit.

Accent on Vision specializes in complete contact lens services including:







Benefits of purchasing contact lenses at Accent on Vision include:

Purchase a full year supply of contact lenses and you will receive free shipping to your home as well as having your name put into a quarterly drawing to win a free year supply of contacts for the following year.  We also have various manufacture rebates that will help you cut cost on your contact lenses as well. 


In addition to our complete stock of more common designs, we carry the following list of lenses for more specialized needs:


Post – surgical lenses

Scleral lens designs

Piggyback systems

Rose K Keratoconus lenses

Soft and rigid gas permeable multifocal lenses


Corneal Refractive Therapy with Paragon CRT®

Corneal Refractive Therapy is a non-surgical process clinically developed to reshape the cornea while you sleep. The result is the temporary correction of myopia with or without moderate astigmatism.

Recent clinical research combined with the latest corneal surface mapping technology, computerized manufacturing and new, more breathable materials have brought new science to corneal reshaping. Similar in appearance to standard contact lenses, Paragon CRT therapeutic lenses gently reshape the corneal surface during sleep and provide clear, natural vision when the lenses are removed upon waking. Because Paragon CRT offers freedom from glasses and the hassle of wearing contact lenses during the day, this leading-edge technology can enhance the lifestyle of those requiring vision correction. Active individuals can freely participate in sports without the interference of glasses or bother of contacts. Eye irritation or dryness, sometimes associated with contact lens wear due to outside dust and pollutants, is eliminated.

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