Medical and Surgical

Dr. Thibodeaux eye exam
optos daytona
Optos - A non-invasive alternative to dilation
Punctal Plug for Dry Eye
Dr. Tachau eye exam
OCT - Instrument to Detect and Monitor Eye Diseases and Disorders
Stereo Disc Photos for Optic Nerve Health
Matrix Visual Field Used to Detect and Monitor Glaucoma and Other Eye Diseases
Dr. Pulis eye exam

The optometric physicians at Accent on Vision perform over 30 types of in-office minor surgical procedures involving the ocular surface, tear drainage system and eyelids. They also prescribe and administer oral, injectable and topical medications in the treatment of eye disorders.

Of greatest benefit in this area is tear drainage duct closure, commonly used in the treatment of dry eye syndrome. Accent on Vision is the only office in Northern New Mexico to use microwave scalpels to limit bleeding during procedures. Other procedures include eye lid cyst, growth and stye removal, permanent in-turned eyelash removal, corneal surface smoothing and conjunctival procedures.

In addition to the surgeries, the doctors manage glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, eye injuries and a host of eye disorders. A vast array of advanced diagnostic instruments is used to provide the highest level of medical eye care available in this area.


Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) for retinal and glaucoma evaluation

Ultrasound pachymetry for corneal thickness measurements.

Two types of visual field testing are available for optic nerve and neurological function assessment.

Corneal topography is used for evaluation of corneal disorders and custom contact lens fittings.

Wide field retinal imaging (OPTOS) 

Tear Analysis for the evaluation of dry eye.

Both standard retinal photography and laser assisted wide-field ocular imaging are used to diagnose and manage internal eye disorders such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic eye disease.

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